A simple universal Energy Healing or Energy Medicine Paradigm that is achieved by communicating directly to the Quantum Energy Packets within the Super-Consciousness and other Human Energy Fields and restoring them to the originally created Energy Blueprints.  How does Energy Healing or Energy Medicine work? We as Humans are made up of millions of atoms and molecules that are constantly vibrating at specific frequencies. Everything that vibrates requires energy. Each time a cell is regenerated energy is created. A more physical experience happens when we breathe or exercise, heat energy is created and expelled from the body. When we talk, we create sound waves another form of energy.  We also absorb energy constantly from the Earth. Early Astronauts discovered that without Schumann Resonance, which is a form of electromagnetic energy from the Earth, they cannot survive in space for very long. We absorb energy from food we eat and also from the Sun. This all happens without our conscious attention. This breakthrough approach first deals with all External Energy Disturbances from all Dimensions that affect a person. These could be Spiritual, Ghosts, Psychic attacks or other negative Energy forms Earth or Space. Then the HEART Healer Adds any Energy that is missing, Removing & Replacing badly damaged Energy or Repairing the Energy Packets to the way of Original Creation, a complete holistic healing of Body, Mind and Soul is invoked The HEART Energy Healer is trained to assess any problems or disturbances within a person’s physical body and energy fields with a systematic set of very specific questions.  Then by using word commands in a specific frequency range, and with intent of the mind they are able to make changes and corrections to the Source Blueprints of the particular Energy Fields where the origin of the problem existed. Automated HEART Energy Healing Self Care System is a breakthrough which could be described as a Do It Yourself Energy Healing System. This is achieved by direct transfer to patients by a form of mental telepathy.  This Automated HEART Energy Healing is like diagnostic software that will run automatically, to diagnose and correct any imbalances that occur during their normal daily routine.  The second significant development of the ‘HEART Healing, Go’, Self Care System is that it can be used manually by saying ‘HEART Healing, Go’, to  direct it at any specific problem or disturbance.  This could be an illness, emotional disturbance, relationship dilemma or even used to solve difficult problems. This revolution in Energy Healing is like a sophisticated computer program with a difference because it will also help to revealing the new possibilities. HEART Energy Healing was created as completely new approach yet we monitor and draw upon the most effective aspects of Theta Healing, Quantum Healing, Energy Medicine, Emotional Release Treatments, NLP, Bio-energy, Ho'oponopono and many other reputable Energy Healing  methods to create the most effective treatments. HEART Energy Healing site is still under construction please return for more developments. To find out more now follow the links for Services or more detailed information on HEART Energy Healing from the creator Ian Stone, Founder of the  Metaphysical Institute
A Simple Energy Healing Paradigm How Does Energy Healing Work? External Disturbances To Human Energy Internal Disturbances to Human Energy Assessing Problems with Your Health Automated HEART Healing Care  HEART Energy Healing Approach